Brash Young Fools

A missive from the Old Quarter

To John, from Karl

John, may this find you well and healthy, by the blessing of Sigmar.

I write to you, brother, in strange times. It has been a year or more since I left Talabheim, maybe half that since last I found a notary to write to you on my behalf. The changes since have opened my eyes to an Empire that seem a world away from the cities I knew before. A world away even from the scare-stories of the creatures that lurk below them.

And while I write with urgent questions for you, I realise I have much to tell of time abroad.

As you last heard, life with on the merchant routes from Talabheim had been wearing for a while. I left the caravan south of Altdorf, and found myself in the company of a young Dwarf and a somewhat simple sailor who appeared to have lost his boat.

The former, Grok, has proved to be an inquisitive soul, from whom I could learn a lot. His is the hand which you find yourself reading now. His other hand is not looking well. My other companion, Heinrich, has proved to be nothing more than an oaf with clumsy fists, but even he has his uses.

We have recently been employed in Bogenhafen by the local Mayor, a man named Ludwig, who for reasons too complicated to go into here placed our party in charge of a quarter of his town. We have not squandered this responsibility, and it may please father to learn that he was right: office suited me better than we would have expected.

But while we are likely to move on from here soon (not a one of use keen to encourage the locals to demand more of us here) something has begun to intrigue me.

We have seen troops moving nor-east from this town, and hear the rumble of war engines with them. Though I saw none of the reds and whites of Talabecland with them I wonder if you or your regiment have heard whispers of something that drives forces north?

John, what awaits me as I continue on our journey through this Empire?

If you write swiftly then you will find me in Bogenhafen, courtesy of the Verenian temple. Any longer than two weeks hence and I will be in the Frederheim hospice, where Grok will hopefully be feeling. Later than that, the Verenians in Altdorf will be the best temple to reach me through.

My love to father and to mother, my blessings to the house. May Shallya protect you, and may you keep your fingers crossed each time you enter the tunnels of Talabheim.

Karl Thomas

This received a response when the players were at the Frederheim hospice, which interesting parties can read here.



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