"Count" Maximilian Aldrech

The Dog Of Marienberg


One of the outstanding Mercenary Captain’s of the Old World. Has spent the last decade acting on behalf of Marienberg interests. His most famous exploits are leading a large expedition to the New World returning with great profits (if not all his ships) and bringing down a loan-defaulting Border Prince (and then declining taking the crown).

He has returned to the Empire, and is gathering forces to try and reclaim the Drakwald forests. He’s backed by Marienberg – who will profit hugely by the re-opened Drakwald road, which sidesteps the toll-heavy Nordland. Clearly, this doesn’t please Nordland at all.

Believed to be paramour of “Princess” Annika, daughter of one of the very richest Marienberg families.

Has informed the players that the Imperial Court is nothing to do with this, so they should not waste their time in chasing leads in that direction – though if they do discover something, they should report it. That said, if they do discover that the Imperial Court is to do with it, he has worse problems than a mere murder charge.


"Count" Maximilian Aldrech

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