Arch Pastor Ava


The head of the Shallyan church in the Empire, based in Frederheim. She is a well-preserved woman in her forties who is the primary architect for the organisation of the cult in the last twenty years. Before her, hospices were ramshackle and disordered. Now… they’re what they are.

She suggested the players should not testify against Sister Heidi, as she was surely lead astray by Pastor Rufus – who has been sent back to the heart of the Shallyan church in Bretonnia for discipline. The players pretty much give up immediately, suspecting that she was about to refuse medical treatment to the terminally ill with Tomb Rot Grok. She noted that going back on their word would have consequences, as people of the players’ character (i.e. Adventurers) are often in need of their service. The enmity of the church isn’t something they wish.

The players totally agree, though Heinrich growls a little.

Her bodyguard is the towering powerhouse that is Hospitaler Daniel.


Arch Pastor Ava

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