A wealthy Dwarven student on a gap year tour.


Grok was born in Barak Varr, the Dwarven seaport but his endlessly large family of merchants and miners live scattered around the Dwarven kingsdoms; where there are dwarves, there are likely to be some of his relatives. He writes to his mother in Karak Kadrin, the Slayer Hold; his nuclear family lived comfortably in the Great Cove of Barak Varr looking out to sea and worked mines deep in the hinterland of the Border Princes, but moved to Karak Kadrin for unspecified reasons when he was very young. They mine rich seams of gold, deep in the mountain passes, and Grok grew up playing by himself amidst the boulders and dodging mine-ponies.

The young dwarf is hugely loyal to the family (he tried to write home every day, but lost interest in that so much with the loss of his finger and the advent of Karl’s mad-eye). As a clumsy but clever beardling, he was apprenticed to the mine engineers of Karak Kadrin; but as a science-obsessed student, he caused problems, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and not displaying the proper veneration to the Ancestor-gods (though he has affection for them all) or to tradition. His family (and the Runesmiths) thought it best he left the mountains to continue his education in the Empire; they hope he’ll settle down, but if not, there’s always the cousins to take his place. Grok himself wants to see the world, and is naively expectant of a friendly welcome wherever he goes.

Before that day, Grok had never left the underground and rarely saw daylight, so is equally amazed at trees and towering demons trying to gut him (though he’s definitely scared of the latter, he’s getting better.) On the long overland journey to Barak Varr, then down by boat to the empire, Grok has had plenty of time to think; he wishes he’d brought his good suit of Ironbreaker armour, rather than just a chainmail shirt; he’s glad he brought his Grand-aunt’s pick-axe though.


  • Grok thinks Heinrich smells of fish and is worried he’s starting to like the stench.
  • He’s amazed at Karl’s skill with the crossbow, which he admires as a very efficient, if too traditional, Dwarven invention. He is extremely perturbed by Karl’s mutant eye, to the extent of wanting to cut it out.
  • Grok seems to have taken the majority of the damage on the adventure so far. He’s had three diseases, almost died of Tomb Rot, lost a finger to an over-enthusiastic Shallyan saint, and was beaten up by beastmen so badly, he almost lost his arm and head. He’s also starting to get a serious stomach ache.
  • Grok speaks Dwarvish when he gets annoyed, which is a very semitic language.
  • Grok thinks things through and is very cautious; but when he commits, he’s totally committed.
  • He has memories of the sea, and will stare at lakes and water for hours, fascinated.


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