1) Where are you from?

Altdorf, born and (in)bred.

2) What is your family like?

Dead. Never met my mother, my boat was my father’s, and became mine when he passed.

3) What is your social class?

Better’n some. I earn an honest living, I travel. Speak some Bretonnian, if you can believe that. But if you’re asking if I can read, or if I have a middle name, or if I have “greater” aspirations in life than enjoying myself, then no. I’m the other.

4) What did you do before you became an adventurer?

I’m an adventurer? Well! I suppose I do have all these heads, and these fine guns. Have you seen the engraving on them? My father must be spinning in his grave.

It all happened by accident. I was rowing folk up and down the rivers of Altdorf, making a sort of living, when I got involved in a card game where the stakes were higher than, ah, which is to say, when all was said and done my boat belonged to some tosspot Kislevite merchant. Next morning I offered my services as a guide “of some reknown” to a couple of folk. Dwarf and a bounty hunter on their way to Altdorf. Figured I knew the way.

5) Why did you become an adventurer?

Let me tell you something. You can spend all day rowing some fat bastard down a river and all you’ll have to show for it is 9 copper and blisters on your palms the size of strawberries. Adventuring- I can’t tell you how much gold I’ve made already. And I think I’m /good at it./ Stab a guy here, shoot a bastard there, don’t get hurt. If I can keep this up for a year, I can buy a whole barge, /and/ the crew to man it.

6) How religious are you?

Sigmar! Top guy. Love him. If I ever get rich, he knows I’ll be making a fat donation to the church.

7) Who are your friends and enemies?

I had a friend once. Berholt, his name was. He got drunk and drowned in the Reik one day. Ah, now you’ve got me all sad.

8) What are your prized possessions?

What possessions? Tell you what though, these pistols are growing on me.

9) Who are you loyal to?

I’ll tell you what I’m good at. I can move fast enough. I’m quick on my feet. I can lift a woman clean over my head. I think I’ll leave loyalty to the people who are good at /that./

10) Who do you love/hate?

Love? Hate? You’re getting a bit heavy there, aren’t you? Ah, enough of that.


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