Heinz the Militia

The main militia man in Walddorf


Seems to be a physically capable militia. No combat skills yet put into practice yet, admitedly.


The main guardsman in the small village of Walddorf.

Upon the reveal of Witchhunter Hubert Rankoff (“Black Rankoff”) as a mutant, conspired with the players to give them a chance to go and destroy the altar where Rankoff claimed to find the device he used to poison the wells. After some effort, came up with the lie that Rankoff had escaped and the Brash Young Fools went after them. He seemed particularly pleased with his lie.

Sigmar fearing, but seems somewhat attracted to the less straight and narrow world espoused by the Brash Young Fools.

Hides his bald-patch beneath his helmet, and is somewhat embarrassed by it.

Heinz the Militia

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