Hubert Rankoff (“Black Rankoff”) (RIP)

Mutant Witchhunter


Then: Medium heigh, wiry and strong, classic wide-brimmed hat with leather armour look of a Witchhunter. Small nub-like horns are hidden beneath his hat. Armed with a Rapier and dual pistols.

Now: Spread over several hundreds of metres in the middle of the Old Forest.


Rankoff met the players when looking for mutants in the town of Walddorf. He revealed the boy the players previously rescued from the woods – Johann Yung – as a mutant, pulling off his hat to reveal horns. This swiftly leads to him burning the boy, decapitating him before.

The players, on guard, discover Rankoff pulling The Glowing Stone On A Chain out of a well. When confronted with what he was doing he first tried to make excuses, then bribe them with a promise of money at The Silver Griffon in Altdorf before drawing his dual pistols and trying to silence them forcibly.

Arrested, the players in a basement interrogate him. His story changed, before he seemed to come clean, admitting he took this device, dropped it in wells and then came back to kill (and profit) from the mutants it created. However, he also claimed that he got the device from an Altar, off in the woods, which he found when hunting a cultist.

Convinced by this, with the help of Heinz the players escaped with him and went through the woods. Upon reaching an Obsidian clifface, Rankoff reveals he’s lying and claimed Rankoff’s Mysterious Altar was a fabrication. Now, away from the village and with his hands free, he has the power to end this. He drinks Vial of Change, but seemed suprised – and incredible pain – when it made a daemon crawl out of his body and attack the player.

Rankoff, reduced to a skin sheath and then exploded when the players defeated the Daemon, is presumably dead.

Hubert Rankoff (“Black Rankoff”) (RIP)

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