Grey the Wizard

aka G. aka "Ivan Of Morr"


G. is a character who vexes and confuses the players. He first entered their life as a priest of Morr during their rule of the quarantined Old Quarter in Bogenhafen.

Priest of Morr, arrived from Altdorf to perform the rites on the dead and dying. Intermittently serious and light, with an obvious sense of wryness. He and his fellow morrites are working from the base of The Old-Quarter Townhouse. He is dressed in robes, and armed with a sword and a staff.

He assisted the players in various ways, holding their The Old-Quarter Townhouse before heading forth to start the rights. In the siege of The Ametyst Brothers, he spoke for them – and explained how misunderstood the death-investigating Amethysts were. When accused of starting the Undead rising, he exposed what appeared to be the face of Morr, petrifying the players.

His identity has been brought into question by the arrival of another priest claiming to be Ivan of Morr.

SPOILER ALERT: It was not actually Ivan of Morr, unless the plot is even more complicated than the players realise.

When confronted Fake Ivan appeared to vanish from view, and managed to run off throughout the crowd despite taking a crossbow shaft in the shoulder form Karl.

His robes were found near the gate during the Quarantine. Later, when nearly recuperated at Frederheim a Tilean merchant “Giovani” approached them, claiming that he had been set upon by Beastmen and his guards killed. He had 13 chests of treasure. He’d give one to the players if they can find it.

They found the cave full of Beastman. Avoiding a Minotaur, they found the chest – all empty, bar one. It includes a note from “G.” stating that he believed this was theirs. Also included was the missing warpstone sample which the players had left in Bogenhafen’s Verenan temple… which had suffered a robbery. Several boxes were broken into, including the players. Presumably G. is responsible.

Upon the return to their room in Frederheim, they found the thirteenth chest waiting for them. Inside were two scrolls – one sealed and the other addressed to Karl. Read by aloud by Grok, it gives instructions which he claims will help protect Karl from those who would burn him for his gift.

Upon arriving in Altdorf, it becomes clear that “G” is an unconventional wizard in the Grey College and has entirely claimed that Karl is his apprentice, who he was training secretly for a long time.

He appeared when the players tricked their way into Hugo Stargazer’s Tower to save Karl’s ass when he used his (non-college-based) power in front of them.


Grey the Wizard

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