Johann Yung (RIP)

An unfortunate minor mutant child.


A boy with a wide-brimmed hat, hiding tiny little horns.

Now, dead.


Attracted by Johann’s cries, the players found Johann up a tree in the forest while being harried by Beastmen. Rescuing him, the players managed to get him back to the village of Walddorf where the Witchhunter Hubert Rankoff (“Black Rankoff”) was holding court.

Suspicious that the boy was in the woods – so avoiding his examinations – the Witchhunter pulled off his hat, revealing the fact he has horns. “They’re only little horns” as Johann’s mother put it painfully.

The players fail to talk the villagers out of burning Johann alive. In fact, they accidentally talk Rankoff into decapitating the boy before the fires have started.

Despite themselves, the players felt bad about this.

Johann Yung (RIP)

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