A young gentlemen of Talabheim turned Bounty Hunter


Karl is a human, fairly athletic and intelligent, more than capable of shooting his way through a scenario and making the NPCs look like so many hedgehog’s.

He’s been the group’s lucky symbol through most of the campaign, barely wounded.

He’s started to develop an insight in other realms since the appearance of a blessing in his left eye. Also, he shoots lightning now.


Originaly from the city of Talabheim in the heart of the Empire, Karl is making his way in the Old World as a Bounty Hunter, hoping to earn the glory denied him by livng in his older brother’s shadow.

His well-to-do family have been stalwarts of the Talabheim guard, and Karl was not a good fit for the military life; he preferred sneaking around to dressing up in red and white pageantry. He arrived in Marienburg after some time working to protect a trade route, and hopes to earn passage – and fame – by looking for trouble in the Empire.

Karl’s faith in Sigmar is far from devout, however he tries to walk in his blessing whenever possible. For some reason, he appears to place more faith in Ranald – reflected in his willingness to repurpose items from those no longer in need of them (the glowing stone of Black Rankoff, and later Aine’s rapier) – and in Shallya, perhaps due to his experiences in Bogenhafen’s Old Quarter.

He remains loyal to his fellow-travelers, to a point, but has in the past pursued glory at the cost of his companions safety. That said, they’ve done the same to him. Since suffering in his encounter with a Beastman in the woods outside of Walddorf he is learning to temper his pride, and has often stayed back during combat to take a more considered, shooty approach.

During The Passion of St Helena he experienced a profound change which left a mark on his being. Quite literally. His left eye now bears the mark of Shallya, and he finds himself able to see in strange colours.

This ability allowed him to see some of the events taking place in the Old Quarter with a new/different clarity, leading the Brash Young Fools to the Amythest Wizard’s necromantic ceremony. It could, of course, get him burned at the stake, and he wouldn’t mind finding some more learned figure to trust with this affliction and advise him on his best course of action.

If each of the Brash Young Fools were a vegetable from the broth that the Old Quarter remember them by he would be the carrot.


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