Luther Zweizig

The Night Terror


Famously brutal and somewhat strained-of-nerve witch-hunter. Known as THE NIGHT TERROR for his brutality, and the fact that every night is punctuated by screams and bad dreams. Mayor Ludwig tells the story of a time he stayed, and shot a manservant who opened his door in the night instinctively. He has the tendency to fall into reveries, recalling in a chilled voice things he has seen or done.

Upon his arrival in the Old Quarter, he apparently immediately executed Cripple Lou for being a mutant.

Upon the players catching up with him, they find him executing an actual mutant and survivor of Goodly Spittle’s cult. His followers – three skinny cultists and an enormous brute – assisted him.

The players had a private conference, where he explained that he killed the “Minor Mutant” in order to make the seriousness clear. They need to be more scared of him rather than the mutants, so they take him to them. Every second they’re exposed to chaos increases their chance of doom – and a few “minor mutants” are a small price to pay for it.

He then noticed that Heinrich was carrying the weapons Hubert Rankoff (“Black Rankoff”). The players managed to talk their way out of it, admitting that they had left some mysterious artifact of Rankoff’s in the Verena.

Later, after the arrival of Undead, he is among the mob besieging The Ametyst Brothers in their house. He’s talked out of attacking. Eventually, while leaving some men to maintain the vigil, he returns to his mutant-hunting. When “Ivan Of Morr” was revealed as an imposter, he is convinced to join the hunt and not kill too many people. He leads a mob of people to attempt to do this.

He continued to hunt mutants until the quarter was freed. He burned one person, who was almost certainly a mutant.


Luther Zweizig

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