Mister Lupin


Mister Lupin is the chief Engineer assigned by Emmanuelle Von Leibwitz of Nuln to the expedition of “Count” Maximilian Aldrech. As an expert in explosives, a prime suspect in the murder of Hugo Skygazer. Was found by the players being attacked by a Sigmarite mob of Flagellants, which the players saved him from and took him – with Master Wizard Christine, who turned up via the end of the fight – to a nearby Shallyan Hospice.

He is slightly absent-minded, with an interest in all things mechanical and alchemical – he is constantly distracted by the hole in his arm which allows him to see the working of the ligaments inside. He was gathering powders to demonstrate explosions on the Rhine, so demonstrating that he could have nothing to do with the explosion which apparently killed Hugo. An identity parade with explosions, fundamentally.


Mister Lupin

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