Thane Karanki


Head of the expedition from Karak Kadin. A dwarf of few words, who mainly seems to communicate via changes in his facial colouration. He was to help “Count” Maximilian Aldrech reclaim the Drakwald forest. However, there was also a party of High Elves to join the expedition. This was clearly not to be stomached. So, through the diplomacy of Maximilian, the return of artifacts long since lost in the war of the beard were returned.

However, in transit, the sledge of Lons Smallshank was stolen by cultists. Of course, the Dwarfs took this badly. Especially when Lord Voldi basically said it was a load of silly old tat.

A siege of a tower was only broken when the party were able to retrieve the artifacts. It seems that the Thane and his men will now serve in the greater force.


Thane Karanki

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