The Ametyst Brothers (RIP)


Three Acolytes of the Amethyst Brotherhood, doing research in the Bogenhafen Old Quarter about the nature of death. Immediately suspected of being Necromancers, even before the incident when skeletons and zombies raise up in the old quarters. Currently besieged in a town-house.

Lucian is the most verbal, a somewhat pretentious Bretonnian who likes to expound at length about the nature of death.

Melinda is a small, generally quiet woman who chafes at the accusations and snaps arguments against them.

Davos is the largest of them, with an interest in creating a scythe out of thin air. He speaks even less than Melinda, but directly when it.

When “Ivan Of Morr” was uncovered as an imposter the siege on their home was lifted – with unforseen unfortunate consequences. The players found some bonemeal remains beneath one of the bed, which seemed strongly magical. At which point, Spirits started to walk the streets – there seemed to be a ritual in its center.

By the time they players got there, it was revealed that Melinda was involved in a Necromantic ritual beyond mere Amethyst lore. She has sacrificed Lucian, and supported by a clearly besotted if worried Davos. He eventually runs for his life, realising it’s gone too far, and the players confront Melinda and her undead army. Eventually she is killed by Heinrich in a brutal club attack which reduces her to jam.

Davos was found nearby, mysteriously knocked out and tied up. He eventually confesses entirely before the city walls, and is then executed by Luther Zweizig.


The Ametyst Brothers (RIP)

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