Thruppence Hal


Merchant, who speaks mainly in the third person, who has entered the Old Quarter with his own supplies of food – guarded by 10 mercenaries. He is making incredibly harsh deals with the rich inhabitants, mainly for property.

The players discovered him, and then by concentrating Karl may have somehow ignited some gunpowder in the case. Hal and his guards salvaged what bags they could from his truck, and then ran across town to the player’s guarded townhouse. By the time the players returned there, they’d moved off to their own place elsewhere in the quarter, presumably to continue selling their wares.

The players came across his stronghold when on the way to confront The Ametyst Brothers. The players kicked their way in, then urged to come with them. They refused… which they regretted when the spirits pursing the players entered the stronghold and set on him and his guards.


Thruppence Hal

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