Capital and Largest City in the Empire.

1) The Imperial Palace
2) Templeplatz (The Grand Temple of Sigmar. Shortened to “Templeplatz”.)
3) The Obereik District (“Upper Reik” – Home of the embassies from all the Elector Counts)
4) Palace District
5) Civic District
6) The Domplatz (“Religious District”)
7) The Gold District (Upper-class)
8) The Reikmarket
9) The Silver District (Middle-class)
10) Reiksport District
11) The Old Town District
12) Scholar’s District
13) University District
14) Dockside
15) Financial District
16) The Copper District (Working Class)
17) Metallschlack District (“Metalworker’s District”)
18) Reikerbahn District (“The Working Class District”)
19) “The Sewer”
20) Morr’s District
21) Drecksack (“Wretched Slum”)

The Altdorf maps are all based on the incredible iAltdorf map. District are riffing on the amazing work though tweaked a bit for clarity. I’m using “District” rather than the more correct German phrases. Generally speaking – occasionally I’ve gone for something a little more atmospheric.

The Grey College
Hugo Stargazer’s Tower
The Breasts of Myrmidia
The Silver Griffon


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