Brash Young Fools

A missive from the woodland

To John from Karl

Dear John comma

By my own hand I write you bringing you tidings of my own as we have ridden north some time in the last several days comma and in this time and the months before I have been being taught to cast my own pen by the learned dwarf master and a new acquaintance by name of Felice stop curvy line around I do not trust her stop curvy line around the other way stop

Things are breathless in the forests comma and spattered with ichor stop huge mouths with feet tried to eat us led by orcs as we ventured north to chat with mighty dwarves heroes and haughty elven scholars stop Orcs and goblins of grotesque smell and stature stole our cart as we pursued a young elfling through the frost comma not to harm it but to help it comma and we gave chase like heroes in effort to recover our load and beasts of burden stop

I hoisted up Grok to the saddle of a horse I claimed back from filthy little gobbos and started instantly after the cart comma Heinrich not far behind us comma I shot at the gobbos as we neared stop I missed stop I concentrated then on pulling up alongside the cart and preparing Grok for an orderly boarding action stop I then tossed the dwarf at the cart stop

This did not work stop

Grok clung on for life comma feet tangled in the harness of my horse and hands clutched for purchase on the cart walls stop the gobbos laughed at him and mashed his tiny inhuman fingers stop This hurt the dwarf and he did yelp before falling onto the ground and crying a bit stop Heinrich by the time had caught up alongside and in one tremendous leap he did fling himself onto the cart and start smashing up greenskins stop My arrows splintered harmlessly upon the Orc’s black back and so I tried to hurt our horse to slow the beasts down stop some hand of the forest held me back comma some gruff and rough force comma and I kept pace only to watch master Heinrich hammer gobbo after gobbo after gobbo to the ground comma besting the orc in fraught combat by hitting him once then dropping his hammer then hiding behind his shield then doing it again and again and again and not once did the orc think to pick up the hammer what a stupid orc stop and so did Heinrich make of himself something close to a hero stop

We rest now and ponder our next move stop Master dwarf is taking time to tend his wounds in the cart comma he says my manner of writing puts him asterix in mind of a new means of compressed communication asterix and has started drawing a series of tubes with birds tweeting at either end stop Master dwarf also says my spelling is asterix fine by some small blessing asterix but that I need to learn how to puncture the paper stop

he will think me mighty silly if I puncture this badly so I include a hole below made by arrow point stop

This has taken four days to write stop

Best and love to all stop




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