Goodly Spittle (RIP)


Now deceased Barber Surgeon who was the sole medical practitioner inside the Old Quarter of Bogenhafen, treating those sick with the Blue Plague.

Lead (and controlled) an arson-based protest to give more food to the victims of the Plague. Was talked down by the players, and recieved a cart full of water pushed by Grok and Karl. Heinrich just watched as he was scared of the Blue Plague. The big brave hero.

By the time the players returned to the Plague Quarters, since the Empire and its Gods had failed to cure them, Spittle had turned to the worship of the Fly-Lord Nurgle who he claimed had “removed the pain”. He had become a mutant and a chaos sorcerer, with an extra mouth in the centre of his chest capable of spewing floods of flies, disease and molten flesh. The players eventually managed to hunt him down and defeat him, as Lucia Maxima and her cultists defended Saint Helena.


Goodly Spittle (RIP)

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