Lucia Maxima


Tall Priestess of Myrmidia. Of Tilean descent, and head of a small party of mercenaries. Distinctly not of the Empire, looking with a level of wry amusement at their beliefs. Arguably more liberal.

Initially encountered by players protecting Saint Helena from the attack of Sharp Jake. After dispatching the rogues’ men, she waited until sunset and then brought Jake’s Head and the Saint to Bogenhafen. There she presented Saint Helena to the town’s elders, claiming the reward.

She and her troops were silent throughout. For contractual reasons, she refused to say anything about the last few days, but talks of the possibility of regret. While it was claimed the money would be enough to secure a fine Myrmidian temple in Bogenhafen, she claimed their cult would not profit from the victory.

They were to leave town during the day. She was hired to stay with the party until then, accompanying the players. There she claimed she did not kidnap Saint Helena, which was verified as truth by Dolf Luring.

She left the players company as sunset approached.

Later, as the players were about to be overwhelmed in their defence of Saint Helena in the Plague Quarter, Maxima and five of her cultists arrived to aid the defence. She noted that the contract only said they had to leave the city. It didn’t say anything about coming back.

After the battle, Maxima and her 6 remaining Initiates joined the players in governing the city. Maxima saw the change in Karl’s eyes, advising the players that many in the Empire would consider it a mutation rather than a blessing. She has continued to assist the players in their tasks, though does roll her eyes a lot. She mainly guarded the gate, ensuring that any arriving supplies are properly protected.

Later, she was positioned towards The Old-Quarter Townhouse, where she generally did her best to keep things under control when the players were away. She remained a loyal supporter for the rest of the stay.

She continues to roll her eyes a lot, though said a good word to them as they went their separate ways. Though you’d imagine she would, as she’d just taken custody of the The Old-Quarter Townhouse which had been gifted to the players by Mayor Ludwig as part of their gifts for saving the quarter. Since she turned down the money and property which she would have got for returning Saint Helena, this is enough to be the base of a Myrmidian temple in Bogenhafen.


Lucia Maxima

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