Mayor Ludwig


Loud, businesslike mayor of Bogenhafen. Conceded to Shallyan demands for better temple grounds before the return of Saint Helena. Has been convinced by the party that something is amiss, and has helped the players arrest Sister Heidi for her part in the conspiracy.

After the death of Saint Helena, he deputizes the players to organise the Old Quarter while the Quarantine remains. Their orders are…

1) Perform a Census to see who is alive or dead
2) Distribute any resources.
3) Protect important personages, who would be entering the Quarter
4) Uphold good order.

When the players succeeded he and the merchant class of Bogenhafen rewarded the players richly – horses, carts, fine clothes and some very expensive weaponry. A longbow previously belonging to Investigator Aine’ (RIP), a fine rapier and an ancient dwarfish handarm of ornate and beautiful design. Also, The Old-Quarter Townhouse which the players immediately gave away to Lucia


Mayor Ludwig

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