Pastor Rufus


Pastor and main Shallyan priest in Bogenhafen. Believes the kidnapping of Saint Helena (RIP) is due to the Bogenhafen council not giving the same attention to the cult of Shallya as it has to the other cults. Bartered concessions from the council prior to the return of Saint Helena (RIP).

When players were interrogating the Saint, arrived accusing them of lunacy – that she needs her faith and they are undermining it. Claims that it is the work of the church to protect these innocents from worldly concerns, before ejecting them from the church. Repeatedly.

After the capture of Sister Heidi, the players met with him – plus sellswords posing as Templars – to discuss the problem with Saint Helena. He explained the players informing that she may have been deceived in the matter of her kidnapping has lead to her doubting the entire Church, and had decided to go alone into the Plague Quarter. Either Helena will protect her… or she will die. And she would prefer that, if the Church is false.

The Pastor and the players conspire for them to enter the Plague quarter and act as silent protectors, and he provides aid to do so.

After the Old Quarter has been cleaned up, he’s moved to a parish in Brettonnia, to be nearer the heads of the church.


Pastor Rufus

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