Saint Helena (RIP)


Saint Helena was the living saint of the Shallyan church and the only person known able to treat the The Blue Plague. Apparently burnt her own eyes out.

Returned to the city by Lucia Maxima and her Myrmidians. Has no knowledge of who kidnapped her, as they were very quiet. Announced her intent to go into the plague-stricked old quarter overnight and try to drive out the disease. Has had the possibility of conspiracy explained to her by Grok, which seemed to disturb her.

When the evening fell, she did not enter the quarter. She had a crisis of faith, and eventually decided she should go in alone. Either to be protected by Shallya’s grace as she performed her prayers to cure the plague, or die, knowing it’s all a lie.

The players protected her from the various starving inhabitants and the cultists of Goodly Spittle until morning. She then rose to face the dawn, said “thank you” and then dissolved to a pile of flesh and slime.

In the morning, there was no signs of the Blue Plague in Bogenhafen’s Old Quarter.

The Original Pamphlet That Attracted The Player To Helena’s Dilemma


Saint Helena (RIP)

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